Cars and Motos

Classic and modern car interior restoration

Our best feature is the restoration and repair of interiors of cars. We operate on vintage and modern cars, attending to details and offering a great quality works. Based on (our customer's) / your (your: parli al cliente) needs, we are able to maintain the original style of the products, but also to switch to a more contemporary one, always winking at the great classics.


With more than 50 years of experience, we give shape to every customer request and provide customizations with reproduction of logos, badges, designs, names etc.


A soft pea-coat is certainly more exposed to the effects of time and weather than the hard top. That’s why we repair and replace pea-coats in safety and with the highest quality materials, chosen to last over time.

Steering wheel restoring

The steering wheel is one of the objects in the car which, due to prolonged use, is subject to wear and tear, accidental scratches caused by metal objects, deterioration over time resulting from UV rays and the heat that comes from the windshield glass. We restore your steering wheel and bring it back to its original state.

Saddles customization and repair

We are able to repair any type of saddle using specific materials. You can also customize your saddle according to your needs.